Victorian Network (ISSN 2042-616X) is an MLA-indexed online journal dedicated to publishing and promoting the best work in Victorian Studies by postgraduate students and early career academics. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the journal is guest-edited by established scholars in the field and peer-reviewed by doctoral students. Themed issues are published bi-annually. 

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Megan Anderluh, Oxford (Assistant Copy Editor)
Katharina Boehm, University of Regensburg (Founding Editor)
Melissa Dickson, King's College London (Publicity Editor)
Sarah Crofton, King's College London (Blog Editor)
Sophie Duncan, Oxford (Submissions Editor)
Rosalyn Gregory, Oxford (Copy Editor)
Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, King's College London and Hong Kong Baptist University (Web Editor)
Sarah Hook, Oxford (Books Editor)
Alison Moulds, Oxford (Peer Review Editor)
Heidi Weig, University of Regensburg (Publicity Editor) 


VOL 1, NO 1: Summer 2009 - Dr Muireann O’Cinneide, National University of Ireland, Galway
VOL 2, NO 1: Summer 2010 - Dr Ian Henderson, King’s College London
VOL 3, NO 1: Special Bulletin - introduced by Professor Regenia Gagnier, Exeter University
VOL 3, NO 2: Winter 2011 - Dr Beth Palmer, University of Surrey
VOL 4, NO 1: Summer 2012 - Dr Ella Dzelzainis, Newcastle University  
VOL 4, NO 2: Winter 2012 - Dr Charlotte Mathieson, University of Warwick
VOL 5, NO 1: Summer 2013 - Professor Cora Kaplan, Queen Mary, University of London
VOL 5, NO 2: Winter 2013 - Dr Cathrine Frank, University of New England 
VOL 6, NO 1: Summer 2014 (forthcoming) - Professor Pamela K. Gilbert, University of Florida 
VOL 7, NO 1: Summer 2015 (forthcoming) - Professor William A. Cohen, University of Maryland

Peer Reviewers

Alice Crossley, Leeds
Anna Farkas, University of Regensburg
Anne-Claire Michoux, Oxford
Antonio Sanna, Caligari (Italy)
Ashley Jagodzinksi, University of Nevada
Benjamin Kohlmann, University of Freiburg
Carolin Austin Bolt, Dallas University
Dewi Evans, Cardiff University
Diana Powell, Liverpool
Dominic Davies, Oxford
Doris Lechner, University of Freiburg
Eleanor Cope, Hull
Elina Bloch, Yale
Elizabeth Adams, Nottingham
Emma Miller, Durham
Erin Johnson, Oxford
Gary Butler, Manchester
Hannah Lewis Bill, Exeter
Heidi Weig, University of Regensburg
Jamie Oldham, University of Washington
Janet Lynn Fairfield, Dallas University
Jessica Hancock, Oxford
Jonathan Buckmaster, Royal Holloway
Kate Faber Oestreich, Coastal Carolina University
Katherine Easterby, Liverpool
Kirby-Jane Hallum, University of Otago
Lakshmi Krishnan, Oxford
Laura James, SUNY Stony Brook New York
Lisa Coar, Leicester
Nicole Bush, Northumbria
Qi Chen, Royal Holloway
Rachel Mills, Oxford
Rebekah Greene, University of Rhode Island
Sandra Stadler, University of Regensburg
Stella Pratt-Smith, Oxford
Theresa Jamieson, Hull
Wai Hung Tom Ue, UCL
Yannis Kanarakis, Aristotle University (Greece)

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